Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Papua New Guinea
A Huli wigman from the Tari region of the Western Highlands province is easily identifiable when dressed for certain ceremonies. They paint their faces with bright yellow, possibly from the turmeric plant. Their mustaches are covered with white clay. A red paint covers above the mustache and down the two sides of his chin. Their bodies are painted with the red berry juice from the seeds of the pandanus palm tree and made shiny by either pig's grease or tree oil. Their headdresses are made from growing their own hair from early age and added on with more hair from family members. These wigs are netted so that the plumes and feathers from various birds of paradise add to their almost bird—like image. Large bunches of leaves and mosses flow as they dance and play their drums. The false wings on the iridescent blue breast of the Superb bird of paradise center his headdress with pink and red plumes from the Raggiana bird of paradise.
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