Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Kaibola Beach, Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea
Many Kaibola Beach villagers prepare their sing sing for infrequent visitors on Kiriwina (also called Trobriands), 28 low—lying coralline limestone islands that are fringed by coral reefs in the Solomon Sea of the southwestern Pacific, PNG. Both women and men don layered short skirts made from river reeds that have been dyed with natural and trade store dyes. The colors match the bare face and neck of the flightless cassowary bird. Their chests, legs, arms and faces are painted with stripes of charcoal, orange and white clays and made shiny by tree oil or pig's grease. They wear necklaces of shells and seeds crossing their chests and back. A man in the center has an intricate drawing of white clay on his back and shoulders. Villagers in western clothing stand by watching their friends perform.
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