Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Housing, Very Meager
Trobriand Group, Kaibola Beach and Village, Kiriwina Island, Papua New Guinea
Two thatched roof houses on stilts. Tropical palm forest in background. House on the right has two levels with platform level below. Front of houses made of woven materials. clothing and hanging containers are seen on the upper level porch.

Trobriand Islands have a lowland rainforest on limestone strates.

Two homes sit among the trees on Kaibola Beach in the village, on Kiriwina Island, in the Trobriand Group. The house on the left uses smaller stakes for the under—story which is little more than crawl—space. Its walls are made up of same—size logs. Instead of windows the upper part of the first story is open except for the beams supporting the roof and second story that is open except for the thatch on the triangulated roof. A simple wood stair is visible on the right hand side. The house on the left is larger and taller. It has windows and taller under—story so that actual work can be done there. People can stand underneath the floor. Stairs lead to two sections of the house. Trade store implements, such as plastic buckets are visible.
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