Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Canoe Splash Board, Milne Bay Province, Scarce
Trobriand Group, Kumwegeia Village, Papua New Guinea
Color image of a decorative canoe splash board on a canoe that rests on the ground. Red paint is highly visible in the splash guard's ornamentation.

The front of a sea—going outrigger dugout trader canoe, typical of the Trobriand Islands, sits on the shore of Kumewegeia Village on Kitawa Island. The carved and tri—color prow—board is constructed in two parts. One is flat and laid crosswise. It supports a longitudinal piece pointing forward. The prow—board is used at both ends of the boat because such canoes must be sailed with the wind coming from the outrigger side; therefore, the ends of the boat are reversible. White, orange, and black are the three traditional colors that are used for the prow—boards and the sides of the canoes that are also carved. Crocodile heads are carved and painted on the bow.
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