Harold and Mary Cohen : The Papua New Guinea Slide Collection
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Artist with Spirit Piece, Backside with Bird & Dead Man with Crocodile Scarification
Lower Sepik, Angoram Village Market, Papua New Guinea
A man in blue t—shirt, white shorts and black baseball cap holds a wooden spirit sculpture. The backside is of a bird, the front: a dead man with crocodile scarification. The man stands in grass up to his knees.

At the Angoram village market place on the Lower Sepik River, an artist displays the front side of his sculpture. An anthropologist explained its symbolism. There are two sides to the sculpture. The backside is a water spirit of a dead man en route to the land of the spirits. Waves of the river underneath the boat carry the dead man. The front side is a man standing on a boat with a bird sitting on his head. The Cohens purchased the piece at Angoram Village and took photographs of the carver holding the sculpture.
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