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Science on Stage at your school

Get your students excited about science through these unforgettable and interactive assembly programs. Perfect for larger groups, grade level, or smaller schools. Assembly programs can also be done in a classroom setting. Choose from a variety of topics to support your desired curriculum.

Assembly Programs Pricing

  • $275 per assembly
  • $200 per additional assembly on same day
  • $350 per assembly
  • $200 per additional assembly on same day

An additional mileage fee will be added for round trip travel.

Capacity and Program Length

Limit: 300 students / Length: 45-60 minutes


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Assembly Programs

Suggested Grades PRE K-5
Bubble Blast

Explore the science of soap and suds. Students will see simple experiments that set the stage for bubble science.

Science Magic

Expect the unexpected and explore the “magic” of physics and chemistry with mind-boggling demonstrations about chemical reactions, polymers, inertia and more!

Physics in Motion

Highlight physical laws and properties of matter, motion and energy. Using large-scale demonstrations, students develop a better understanding of the world around them.

Science Below Zero

Chill out during this liquid nitrogen demonstration as basic concepts of heat and kinetic energy are explored in a cool way. This program has a materials fee.

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