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Let us bring the Museum to you!

Can’t make it to the Museum? We can visit you! Our experienced facilitators will bring a unique educational experience right to your school, library or community center through hands-on Classroom Programs, large-scale Assembly Programs, or exciting Science Fun Festivals. We can also customize our outreach programs. If you don’t see the topics you are looking for, please contact us at 716.896.5200 x338 or at [email protected] to discuss your needs.

Classroom Outreach Pricing

  • $140 per classroom
  • $120 per additional program on same topic and day
  • $170 per classroom
  • $150 per additional program on same topic and day

An additional mileage fee will be added for round trip travel.
Must book a minimum of (2) programs.
*Program can also be done as Assembly Program.

Capacity and Program Length

Due to the hands-on and interactive nature of our programs and to ensure the best possible quality experience, we ask that you respect our class size limits. An additional fee of $85 (daytime) or $100 (evening/weekend) will be added if limits are exceeded.

Pre-K Programs:

Limit: 20 students/30-45 minutes

All Other Grades:

Limit: 30 students/45-60 minutes

Book today!

Call 716.896.5200 x338 or email [email protected]

Classroom Outreach Programs

Suggested Grades K-2
Digging Dinosaurs

What can fossils tell us about dinosaurs? What did they eat? How big were they? Become a paleontologist and examine the fossils of creatures that lived long ago. 


Get up close to some incredible insects! Examine live insects and other critters, observing their anatomy and behavior.

Suggested Grades 3-8
It’s Electric

Explore electricity in a safe and hands-on way! Investigate insulators and conductors, build a circuit with your body, and feel the power of our Van de Graaff static electricity generator. 

Science Matters

Explore the three states of matter, with dry ice and liquid nitrogen, and the phase changes between them all. Learn about the energy it takes to make atoms move and how scientists use that power. Material fee required. 

Super Scientist

Inspire the inner scientist in your students! Experiment with slimy science, chemical reactions, and more in this hands-on program. An available sink is required for this program. Material fee required.

Crime Investigation

Analyze clues to help solve a crime! In this immersive lab, students will learn how to identify fingerprints, decipher chromatography, and decode DNA.

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