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Facilitated hands-on programs right in your classroom

An additional mileage fee will be added for roundtrip travel for all programs. Must book a minimum of two (2) programs.

Classroom Outreach Pricing

  • $120 per classroom
  • $100 per additional program on same day
  • $170 per classroom
  • $120 per additional program on same day

An additional mileage fee will be added for round trip travel.
Must book a minimum of (2) programs.
*Program can also be done as Assembly Program.

Capacity and Program Length

Due to the hands-on and interactive nature of our programs and to ensure the best possible quality experience, we ask that you respect our class size limits. An additional fee of $85 (daytime) or $100 (evening/weekend) will be added if limits are exceeded.

Pre-K Programs:

Limit: 20 students/30-45 minutes

All Other Grades:

Limit: 30 students/45-60 minutes

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Classroom Outreach Programs

Suggested Grades K-2
Digging Dinosaurs

Students will play the role of paleontologist as they examine the fossils of dinosaurs and other ancient animals.


Examine the anatomy of insects and other bugs using live creatures! Students will explore the fascinating behaviors of these creepy, crawly inhabitants of the natural world and discover how these animals impact our lives and the world around us.

Animals Around the World

Take a trip around the globe without leaving your classroom! Using specimens from the Museum’s Collection, investigate animals from different biomes.  

Suggested Grades 3-5
It’s Electric

Students will explore electricity by building circuits, testing for conductors and insulators, and experiment with our Van de Graaff static electricity generator.

Mad Scientist

Intrigued by messy fun and crazy concoctions? Students will experiment with slimy science, static electricity and chemical reactions in this hands-on program. An available sink is required for this program.

Biodiversity Blitz

Bring the living world into your classroom! Using items from the Museum’s Collection, explore plants, animals, and other things from around the world and discover what they need to survive.

Suggested Grades 6-8
Crime Investigation

Analyze evidence and clues to help solve a crime! Using the scientific method, students will examine the properties of matter, classify fingers prints and use the science of chromatography.

DNA and Genetics

All life on the planet has one thing in common- DNA. Investigate the molecule that makes us what we are. 

Comparative Anatomy Dissections

Deconstruct and investigate body systems. Choose from the Museum’s wide selection of specimens and give students a unique, hands-on experience where they’ll analyze how structure relates to function and evolution. Additional lab fees apply. Book a minimum of 4 weeks in advance.

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