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A Great Event

Let the Buffalo Museum of Science bring science, exploration and discovery to your school for a day or evening event. Your group will engage in hands-on experiences that challenge, engage and inspire learners of all ages. Our Science Fun Festival also encourage family members to become an integral part of the learning experience.

Why are Science Fun Festivals so…well, fun?

Science Fun Festivals provide schools the opportunity to pick and choose the programs that best suit their needs. They’re a great way to engage parents as well as students, and some of the program topics can be designed into a full day of science fun!
Daytime Pricing
  • Pick Your Own – 4 Stations $800
  • Customized –  4 Stations $1,000
Evening/Weekend Pricing
  • Pick Your Own – 4 Stations $1,000

An additional mileage fee will be added for round trip travel.

Capacity and Program Length

Limit: 200 people
Length: 2 hour time limit

Choose Four of the Following Topics for Your Festival:
  • Electricity
  • Animal Adaptations
  • Crime Investigation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Color
  • Native American Culture
  • Mad Scientist*
  • Healthy Body
  • Environment

*Station may have a materials fee.

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