For a more in-depth, facilitated science experience, register for one of our many workshops and explore science in ways your child has never done before!

makeshift workshop

Makeshift Lab

Introductory workshops focusing on a range of topics inspired by the Maker Movement, such as robotics, circuitry, engineering, and 3D printing.

bugclub workshop

Bug Club

Get an up-close encounter with real bugs every month and learn why these creepy crawly creatures are so fascinating!

sparks workshop

Sparks Workshops

What happens when science meets art? Get creative while taking a scientific approach to basic and more advanced crafts that combine art with science.

discoverearth workshop

Discover Earth

Explore our Earth's systems, from extreme weather to geological phenomena and alternative forms of energy.

dissection workshops

Dissection Discoveries

Explore anatomy and investigate the inner workings of organisms through beginner and advanced level dissections.

earlychildhood workshop

Early Childhood

Perfect for toddler and preschool scientists, these exploratory and sensory-based programs inspire curiosity through science basics

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