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Seymour and Stanley

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Meet our LARGEST family members

Say “hello” to Seymour the Mastodon and Stanley the Albertosaurus!

Mastodons are relatives to elephants and the extinct mammoth, and lived 3 million to 9,000 years ago. In addition to Seymour, the Museum has a number of Mastodon remains in its collection excavated by Museum staff, researchers and volunteers over 29 years at its Ice Age dig site in Byron, New York.

Albertosaurus is a member of the dinosaur family that also included the best known member, Tyrannosaurus rex. Like Tyrannosaurus, Albertosaurus was carnivorous, had small (but powerful) arms, and an enormous head with curved and serrated teeth, but a smaller body likely allowing for more speed and agility than its larger ancestor.

Seymour and Stanley made their way to the Museum as part of a generous gift from Buffalo native, Lise Buyer.