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Rethink Extinct

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Extinction isn’t just a thing of the past

Rethink Extinct takes you on a journey through time, starting in the Paleozoic Era 542 million years ago, to explore the past – and the future – of life on Earth. Investigate events that made the headlines in Earth’s history, learn why extinction is necessary for the ongoing diversity of life, and discover how human actions may be driving the next mass extinction.

Rethink Extinct also features the rare fully intact Elephant Bird Egg (Aepyornis maximus), and the Museum’s Bermuda Coral Reef diorama; a treasured piece of the Museum’s history designed and built by Henri, George and Paul Marchand.

Support for Rethink Extinct comes from The John R. Oishei Foundation, Mary Louise Olmsted Fund in partnership with Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, First Niagara Foundation and the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences Board of Managers.