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Decolonizing Initiatives

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What is Decolonization?

Decolonization is a term that describes an ongoing commitment to undoing colonial practices of the past.

At the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, this involves taking a renewed look at collections, exhibits, programs, and experiences.

Why is Decolonization important?

At the BSNS, we honor world cultures and the connections and similarities among us all, along with the variations among people and the variety of traditions we embrace. As a collecting institution founded in the 19th century, we must acknowledge the colonialism and objectification that are undeniable parts of our deep history, and renew our commitment to respecting and celebrating the cultures we display.

Commitment to Inclusivity

We commit to truth telling and accountability.

Through our renewed commitment to inclusivity, and working with Indigenous communities to share their stories, the Society will work to acknowledge and redress colonialism, both intentional and unintentional, that has underscored past practices. We will embrace a decolonization effort.

This process will be ongoing, imperfect, and inclusive, and we need your help.

How: To do this work, we recognize that we cannot move forward in a vacuum. This work requires strong partnerships, external stakeholders, and a deep commitment to truthfulness and accountability.

Please send any inquiries about these initiatives to progress@sciencebuff.org