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Phone: (716) 896-5200
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Contact Us: (716) 896-5200 | Toll Free: (866) 291-6660
Museum Location:

1020 Humboldt Parkway
Buffalo, New York 14211

Location: 1020 Humboldt Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14211

Open 7 Days a Week
Mon. - Tues.: 10am - 4pm
Wed.: 10am - 9pm
Thurs. - Sun.: 10am - 4pm

Hours: Open 7 Days a Week | Mon-Tues 10am - 4pm, Wed: 10am - 9pm, Thurs-Sun: 10am - 4pm

Membership FAQ

Purchasing a Membership

  • How can I purchase a membership?

    You can purchase a membership in three ways- in person at the Museum, over the phone, and online.

    In order to purchase online, go to the Membership tab. From there, you can pick the membership that best suits you/your family’s needs by clicking the appropriate “Join or Renew Now” button. If you are renewing your membership, make sure you SIGN IN/REGISTER at the top right-hand corner of the website before putting anything in the cart.

  • I would like to buy a gift Membership for someone. How can I do this?

    You can purchase a gift membership in three ways- in person at the Museum, over the phone, and online.

    In order to purchase online, go to the Membership tab. To the right of this new page, there is a box that says “Give the Gift of a Museum Membership.” Within this box, click on the button that says “Buy Now.” This will bring you to the gift membership page. From here, click on “Buy Now” under the Purchase Online section.

    After you choose the appropriate membership, make sure you check the box at the bottom of the page that says, “This membership is a gift.” Under Gift Information, select from the drop down who is going to renew the membership when it has ended (the buyer or the receiver) and also select where the membership will be delivered (the buyer or the receiver).

    Please be advised: Buying a gift membership online will automatically begin the receiver’s membership. If you visit the Museum or purchase over the phone, you may have a voucher sent to the receiver that will allow them to start their membership upon their first visit.

  • If I want to upgrade to a higher membership level, do I have to wait until my current membership expires?

    You do not have to wait until your membership expires to upgrade to a higher membership level. You can do this at any time by coming in to the Museum or by phone.

  • Do you offer military, student, or senior discounts on memberships?

    We do offer military, student, and senior discounts on memberships with valid ID. You can find our membership prices here.

  • Can I apply the costs of a Museum visit toward the cost of a membership?

    Yes, you can apply up to $20 of the cost of your Museum visit towards a membership within 30 days of original visit.

  • When I buy a membership, when can I begin to use it?

    When you buy a membership, it may be used instantly. Please be aware that cards may not be received for up to two weeks. In this time and as always, a valid ID will allow access to the Museum.

  • I have changed my mind and would like to receive a refund for my membership.

    Unfortunately, the Museum has a no-refund policy.

  • Is a BMS Membership tax-deductible?

    A membership is not tax-deductible. If a donation is made along-side a membership, however, that gift is tax-deductible.

Membership Cards

  • Where can I download my digital Membership Card

    The Buffalo Museum of Science is transitioning to digital Membership Cards via the FREE eMembership Card app. The digital cards contain the same valuable information such as name, address, membership number, membership level and expiration date. Starting in January 2018, we will only be mailing membership cards to households that specifically request them. You can access the download instructions HERE. *Please note: It may take up to 24 hours after purchase to activate eMembership cards.*

  • If I request a physical card, how long will it take to receive it?

    The membership cards will take two to three weeks during our regular seasons. During holiday seasons, cards may take up to a month to receive. Please be advised that a member may come in to the Museum with a valid form of ID.

  • Am I able to use my Membership without having the card?

    You are able to use your Membership without having the physical card. Be sure to bring in a valid form of ID that day so our staff can look up your information in our system. Of course, you can also access your membership card via the eMembership Card app (see instructions above).

  • Can Member children come without a parent?

    Though membership cards state that there are children associated with them, they are not technically members. The one/two adult(s) in the household are the main members and therefore, need to be present with the children.

    Please note: For a small fee, a membership can be upgraded to include a caregiver that may come in the adult member’s place.

  • Can my friends and relatives use my Membership without me?

    Unfortunately, friends and relatives may not use your membership card.

  • Can my caregiver visit BMS with my children but without me?

    A caregiver may only visit the Museum without you if your membership includes a Caregiver Card. The Family Plus Caregiver Membership will allow you to name one individual that may come in your place. If you already have a membership, you may upgrade to this level at any time.

Member Benefits and Discounts

  • My child is coming with a school field trip. Is he/she able to use the Membership discount?

    Unfortunately, membership discounts to not apply to school field trips.

  • Does my BMS Membership allow me to visit other museums for free or at a discounted rate?

    Your BMS Membership will allow you to visit Science Museums and Centers throughout the World. The BMS is a part of the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) through their Passport Program. Please visit the ASTC link for more information on the benefits and a list of participants:

  • How can I stay in contact with the Museum?

    You can stay in contact with the Museum by keeping all of your information up to date. Being a member, you will receive a bi-monthly newsletter with upcoming events in the mail and emails informing you of the latest Museum buzz. Make sure to also follow us on social media.

  • How can I receive my membership benefits when purchasing online?

    When you’re purchasing online, be sure to sign in at the top right hand corner of the screen. If you've never signed up for an event on our website before, you may need to register- which can also be located at the top right corner of the screen.

    When registering or signing in, please be sure to use the e-mail address we have on file with your membership. You will also need to use the exact name you put on the card. If you need to update the e-mail on file or you are having trouble logging in after a few attempts, please give us a call at 716-896-5200 x391.

General Admission

$11 Adults
$9 Seniors 62+
$9 Students/Military with ID
$9 Children 2-17

FREE for Museum Members and children under 2

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