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Virtual Field Trips

Bring the wonder and excitement of the Buffalo Museum of Science to your virtual classroom!

Our experienced facilitators will bring a unique educational experience and scientific expertise to your students. Whether you’re looking for an eye-popping science demonstration or a Behind-the-Scenes tour, we can customize programming to suit your needs.

If your district guidance allows, kits can also be assembled and delivered to your school to give your students immersive, hands-on experiences. 


$125 per program

Kits can be prepared at an additional cost of $5 per child. Please note that dissections are more expensive and vary based on the specimen selected. The Buffalo Museum of Science will deliver them to a single location, but will not be responsible for distributing to individual students. Kits require a minimum of two weeks for processing and assembly.

Limited funding is available thanks to generous support from AT&T. Priority for this funding is given to Buffalo or Niagara Falls public or charter schools and Western New York Title 1 schools


For more information or to book your experience, please contact [email protected] or call us at 716.896.5200 x 338.

Additional Information

These programs require the facilitator to remotely present to you classroom, including sharing media. This may mean that they would need to be granted co-hosting rights. Please see your IT administrator for details or restrictions.

Cancellation Policy

Click here to view our cancellation policy.

For other resources for your classroom, check out our Virtual Science Fair activities or our YouTube channel.

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Virtual Field Trip Programs

Dinosaurs and More

What can fossils tell us about dinosaurs? What did they eat? How big were they? Explore our exhibit, Rethink Extinct, and examine the fossils of creatures that lived long ago.


Get up close to some incredible insects! In our Bug Works science studio, examine live and preserved insects, observing their anatomy and behavior.

Dynamic Earth

What can we learn from the rocks under our feet? Virtually visit Our Marvelous Earth and explore the Museum’s collection of rocks and minerals.

Our Place In Space

Understand our place in space and how space science can drive our future! Take a trip to Buffalo in Space and explore the stars, planets and surprises above us.  


Explore cultures around the world through the Museum’s education collection. Students will compare civilizations’ traditions, beliefs and geography through our Artifacts science studio.


From the Arctic to tropical rainforests, discover ecosystems from around the world using biofacts from the Museum’s collection. 

Weather Whys

Investigate weather’s impact on our lives and the environment. Explore the exhibit Our Marvelous Earth and gain an understanding of the interactions between air, water and land.


Choose from our wide selection of specimens and watch as a Museum Facilitator takes your students through the dissection process, investigating body systems and analyzing how structure relates to function and evolution.

Additional lab fees apply. Book minimum of 4 weeks in advance. Due to the time-intensive nature of this presentation, a science studio tour is not included.