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Questions About Volunteering?

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

We begin accepting volunteers at age 14. However, we do allow families to volunteer together. If you and your children (ages 9 and over) would like to volunteer as a family we can always make that happen.

Do I have to make a commitment on how long I would like to volunteer?

As much as we would love someone to make a commitment, we understand that life is unpredictable and can be super busy. Therefore, it is not required for our volunteers to make a commitment, however we have many that do.

Are their opportunities to have an internship?

Yes, we have many different types of internships at the Buffalo Museum of Science and Tifft Nature Preserve. However, they do tend to go fast as they are in demand. We recommend reaching out as soon as possible for an internship with us.

What hours do I have to volunteer?

Hours would depend on the opportunity you are involved with. We have a variety of opportunities; some are during the day 8-5, while others are at night with our special events.

Do I need a background check or photo ID?

We require a background check for a number of our opportunities. However, if you are looking to help with just a one-time special event, there is no need for a background check.

For any other questions, email volunteer@sciencebuff.org or call 716.896.5200 x309.