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There’s no denying that the last 12+ months have presented its challenges, but there’s a growing light at the end of this very long and scary tunnel, and we have science to thank.

Science is helping us return to life and to friends through vitally important discoveries. This year we’ve learned the importance of science in our everyday lives, but there’s still great need to promote the value of basic science understanding in our community and country as a whole.

The Buffalo Society of Natural Science’s mission of elevating science literacy and our commitment to the community has been more important this year than ever.

Science is real. And developing a curiosity to Find Why is what the Buffalo Museum of Science and Tifft Nature Preserve can continue to instill in people of all ages with your support.

Please consider making a gift today.

To make a donation via phone, please call:
(716) 896-5200

Contributions may also be mailed to:
Development Office
Buffalo Museum of Science
1020 Humboldt Parkway
Buffalo, NY 14211

Checks should be made out to Buffalo Museum of Science.

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