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SNOW: Tiny Crystals, Global Impact

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Now open through January 2, 2023

Snow: Tiny Crystals, Global Impact is a family-friendly interactive exhibition about the nature and wonder of snow. Learn how snow shapes and sustains life on Earth, snow’s vital roles in sustaining our water supply and cooling our planet, and the cultural and personal value of snow. Explore all the ways this fundamental weather phenomenon impacts you life—no matter where you live!

Experience an immersive snowstorm with giant interactive snow crystals, make snowflakes grow from specks to complex six-sided crystals, build your own snowperson (without having to put on snow pants!), and listen to oral histories about snow from Iñupiat elders and culture bearers.

Snow is one of three special traveling exhibits on view this fall along with The Fragile Bee and FIND WHY: Vanishing Rhino.

Snow was developed and produced by OMSI as part of a collaborative project led by the University of Alaska Fairbanks and funded by the National Science Foundation.

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