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BubbleFEST is Saturday, October 1! We strongly encourage guests to order tickets online in advance. A limited number of Bubblemania stage show tickets will be available at the door WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

SNOW: Tiny Crystals, Global Impact

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Opens October 8th

This interactive exhibit seeks to educate visitors about the importance of snow and the vital role it plays in the global climate system. Guests can experience an immersive snowstorm with giant interactive snow crystals, make snowflakes grow from specks to complex six-sided crystals, and listen to oral histories about snow from Iñupiat elders and culture bearers.

The exhibit runs from October 8th, 2022 – January 2, 2023

Snow was developed and produced by OMSI as part of a collaborative project led by the University of Alaska Fairbanks and funded by the National Science Foundation.